Lynn Owens

Lynn is a therapist specializing in helping children recover from abuse, neglect and other forms of trauma. Although Lynn treats children and youth with many mental health, trauma and relational issues, the main focus of his practice is working with families who adopt children from difficult places.

Lynn also recognizes when other interventions or medical providers would be more appropriate than counseling and works closely with medical doctors, physical therapists, occupational therapists,  and others.


After graduating from college, Lynn began working with at-risk youth at Rawhide Boys Ranch in New London, Wisconsin. After five years doing residential care, Lynn continued his work with youth and families Appleton Alliance Church, where he led one of the largest ministries to Jr. High Students in that state. It would be only four years however, before he felt the tug on his heart to return to residential care for some of the neediest children in the world…those without parents.

Lynn and his wife, Jennie, opened a new emergency shelter for boys in Florida. Their second resident was a six year old who had been in and out of shelters his entire life. One year later that boy and his 10 year old sister became Jennie & Lynn’s first children. Just 2 days after their adoption was finalized, they welcomed their third child into their home, a 10-year-old boy from Washington.

Combined, Jennie and Lynn have lived with and worked closely with over 100 children in foster & group care over the past 17 years.  As adoptive parents to three older former foster children, They continue to receive on-the-job training in helping children heal every day. Their vision is to make sure that every abused, abandoned and orphaned child in the world will have a permanent safe and loving home.

Lynn currently works from the road, engaging his clients via telemedicine (tele-mental-health). He and his family sold their home and possessions and travel full time seeking personal rejuvenation so that they can continue doing important work with children who have experienced trauma. You can follow his Journey’s here.

Training and Certifications:

Lynn received his Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Regent University. He completed an 84 hour Post-Graduate Certificate in Attachment-Focused Therapy taught by Deborah Gray, MSW, MPA sponsored by Cascadia Training and Nurturing Attachments.

Additionally Lynn studied under Dr. Bruce Perry, MD and the Child Trauma Academy to receive Phase 1 certification in the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics. The ChildTrauma Academy acknowledges that Lynn Owens has completed NMT Training Certification through the Phase I level. For more information on NMT Training Certification and the NMT Assessment Process, Click Here.

As a member of the Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs, Lynn has received advanced training in the treatment of sexual assault and abuse.

Lynn is a Child Mental Health Specialist (CMHS) as defined under the Washington Administrative Code  388-865-0150.

Lynn is Board Certified (NCC) by the National Board of Certified Counselors.